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After a period of loss and adjustment, multiple award-winning poet Patricia Frolander "embraces a second wind" in these poems of validation and renewal, shown through community, family, nature, and ranch life.

$12.95 plus S & H

Married Into It

Winner of:

The prestigious National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Award 2011

Women Writing the West WILLA Literary Award 2012

High Plains Book Award Winner of Best Woman Poet 2012

“Patricia Frolander writes of a place and way of life where disaster can be measured in seconds and where the most harrowing loss can emerge from the simplest of mistakes. Frolander understands just how indifferent the world is to human presence, but she makes of that understanding a quiet grandeur. Against indifference, these poems insist on redemptive beauty and the power of relationship. They are unstinting and clear-eyed, poems about the world as-it-is and about how human beings live not in but with it, and with each other, in both endurance and mutual support.”

Laurie Wagner Buyer, Author of 14 books including When I Came West 

Grassland Genealogy

"The poetry in Grassland Genealogy draws heavily and effectively on Patricia Frolander’s authentic knowledge of ranch  life. But these moving poems about family ranching in Wyoming also develop a reader’s appreciation for her  understanding of the subtle strands of heart and mind that tie humans

and animals to each other and the grasslands they  share."

Robert Roripaugh Wyoming Poet Laureate 1995-2002

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